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Miss Rayas

I'm Natalia, I was born in Vitoria and I have never left!. I have been drawing since I was about 8, when my mother asked me to help her with designs for her embroidery projects.
This is my job. My drawings are made with pencils on paper. I make portraits of people like you and me. But not traditional portraits. My subjects metamorphose with the attributes that define them: objects that speak of them or animal traits that characterize them... I make a collage with all the elements, which results in a portrait that goes beyond a classic one.



I followed my Bachelors in Art History at the University of the Basque Country, and I also studied Common Arts at the School of Arts and Crafts in Vitoria for two years.
Soon I discovered my passion for drawing. I use this technique to create works that have been exhibited at Zuloa (Vitoria), and Panta Rhei (Madrid) among others, and other bespoke pieces for individuals. I have also participated twice in the Mazoka illustration and drawing fair, with great success!
Other pieces are created on request for private collections. 

Each of Natalia's drawings, despite the hyper-realistic technique, acquire a surreal appearance thanks to the attributes that add extravagance to the figures she portrays. You could say she drinks from the most classic drawing but also from Grete Stern's surreal collage or Richard Hamilton's pop.

Her works metamorphose a reality known to become a visual revolution that, thanks to her dreams as an artist, come closer to a spectator of critical gaze who seeks in Art something more than the reflection of a truth, increasingly bolstered by the crudeness it harbors.

María Von Touceda


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